Comfort In Sedation

At My Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth, you can be confident that the removal of wisdom teeth can be simple, and efficient. For many patients, even the idea of having to undergo an extraction can be frightening and cause a stress response. It’s our priority to help patients relax and expect a comfortable experience during an extraction. The highly qualified dentists at My Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth will recommend suitable sedation option for an efficient experience.
We work closely with dental professionals trained in sedation techniques, and specialised medical anaesthetists who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners’ Regulatory Authority. Twilight sedation (or sleep dentistry) is a convenient and cost-effective way for our patients to receive a simple, efficient and twilight sleep dentistry experience.

What Is Twilight Sedation?

Twilight sedation is safe alternative to general anaesthesia with less side effects, quicker recovery and reduced risk of complications.
The main difference between a general anaesthetic and twilight sedation is the degree of patient consciousness. A general anaesthesia renders the patient completely unconscious, while twilight anaesthesia is a technique using mild doses of drugs to block pain. The effects means that it can reduce anxiety and send patients into a deep sleep; resulting in a patient’s increased comfort during surgery, with little memory of the procedure afterwards. For your peace of mind, My Wisdom Tooth Removal Perth clinic offers this premium service at with an experienced and qualified dental professional.

How Long Does Sedation Last?

Twilight sedation is an advantage as it can be carefully controlled for as little as 15 minutes or up to 60 minutes, and the patient is only sedated during the actual wisdom teeth removal. Light sedation contributes to a quicker recovery with fewer side effects. At My Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth, we recommend that patients have a responsible adult to take them home following the procedure.

Am I Candidate for Twilight Sedation?

Although a common procedure, we check your medical history, ask you to complete several forms and discuss the options with you so that you are properly and safely assessed. Our dental sedation professional carefully reviews your notes and will recommend your suitability for twilight sedation.
Should you have any concerns about sedation, please do not hesitate to ask our dental sedation team at My Wisdom Tooth Dentist Perth clinics.