Smoking After Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Key Takeaways:
  • One in every three tooth extraction cases develops the dry socket.
  • After a wisdom tooth removal, wait for at least 72 hours before smoking.
  • Dry Sockets, otherwise known as Alveolar osteitis, is a condition that occurs when the clot in the gum suffers bruising or is destabilized.
  • Visit My Wisdom Tooth Dentist for more expert advice about wisdom tooth extraction.

Our teeth and mouth, in general, are sensitive, which is why extra care and attention must be paid to what we consume. Losing a tooth can be quite painful or very embarrassing due to the gap it leaves. 

However, worse things can happen when you get your wisdom teeth removed, only to go to smoking. Alveolar osteitis, otherwise known as the dry socket, is a condition that is becoming prevalent with wisdom tooth removal largely because patients refuse to comply with the directives of dentists. 

This can cause the patient so much pain and lead to bad breath, a longer healing process, and many other complications.

Smoking can be a really strong habit that is hard to break but going deeper into this article, learn more about the wisdom tooth, how dangerous it is to smoke after losing your wisdom tooth and how to avoid smoking till you have recuperated from the procedure.

Smoking After Wisdom Tooth Removal

When Can I Smoke After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You may be wondering where your wisdom tooth is. Wisdom teeth can be located at the back of the gum. Usually, there is a space there that is barely ever filled. 

They usually grow when we are older. But in most cases, the gum or gap left for it is smaller, making the teeth shaky when it grows out. This is otherwise called crowding. If this tooth was so special, why remove it?

Crowding can be very painful and destabilising to the rest of your teeth. It can cause alignment issues. 

Usually, dentists recommend the removal of the wisdom tooth when the space is too small for the tooth to grow healthy or when the pain of the tight space is unbearable. 

After all, we can survive without it. 

Don’t worry about losing this tooth because it is not seen from your sweet smile, nor will it affect your life terribly. Even if the Doctor has reassured you of this harmless procedure, you may be worried it will affect your smoking. 

Normally, smoking right after a dental operation could cause complications, so patients are advised to give the teeth and gums time to heal.

Now down to answer the question you are eager for. Due to the sensitivity of this procedure, it is advised that patients avoid smoking for at least 72 hours.

What Happens If You Smoke After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

A ton of complications can arise from smoking after having surgery done in your mouth. One of these complications is the dry socket which results from smoking after wisdom tooth removal. 

Another is suture damage or removal. Wisdom tooth removal is usually associated with pain afterwards. These wounds need time to heal.

Why Shouldn’t You Smoke After A Tooth Extraction?

Smoking delays the healing process. Removing a wisdom tooth is not like a normal tooth extraction. It’s a surgical procedure. The patient is sedated, and the gum is cut to allow the tooth to be a bit flexible, and then the doctor slowly pulls it out of the gum.

After this, the doctor puts in sutures, otherwise known as clots, to fill the gap the tooth left behind. 

Not only are cigarettes prohibited after a wisdom tooth removal but also straws. In plain terms, do not put your gum under pressure. Smoking causes you to drag lots of air, and this motion pulls on the injured gum, causing lots of pain, and the dry socket emerges.

Giving your tooth ample time to heal is the wisest thing to do, considering the pain and complications involved. There are other things to do after a wisdom tooth extraction to protect your gum from danger. 

These are choosing soft foods, avoiding straws or anything that involves dragging food to your mouth, avoiding smoking totally, seeking out the best hygiene methods and giving special care to the extraction site like salt water rinses, gentle brushing and resting.

Tips For Avoiding Smoking After Tooth Extraction.

There are a few ways you can overcome the temptation to smoke and ruin your gum. These can be done easily and at home. However, you can consult your dentist to discuss ways to avoid smoking until your wound truly heals.

  • Try nicotine patches: these release nicotine into the body without smoking.
  • Use gauze over the injury to secure the gum if you must smoke.
  • Ask for stitches in the surgery area.
  • Wait at least 72 hours to smoke, and inhale lightly when you do.


1. What Happens If I Smoke After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

What happens is the clot or suture becomes weak, unstable or wounded, causing pain, discomfort and a longer healing process. You can call this the dry socket.

2. What Percentage Of Smokers Get Dry Sockets?

The dry socket rate in smokers is 13.2%, while in non-smokers, it is 3.8%. This condition is specifically related to putting pressure on the gums prematurely. 

3. What Are The Warning Signs Of Dry Sockets?

Dry Sockets, otherwise known as Alveolar osteitis, are easily identifiable. Some symptoms are; severe pain days after tooth extraction, visible bone in the socket, bad breath, unpleasant taste, pain from the gum affecting other parts of the face, and loss of the clot.

4. How Common Is Dry Socket?

A dry socket happens to one in every three tooth extraction cases, making it quite popular. This case is also quite common because of the rate of smokers who are not willing to drop the habit even for a second. These people defy dentists and deny their pain.

5. Can I Smoke 24 Hours After Tooth Extraction?

No. Dentists advise giving the tooth 48-72 hours at least to heal. Refusing to comply with this directive will only cause pain and affect your healing process. This does not mean that the gum will heal in 72 hours. 

The human system differs, and so does the healing time, which is why we should also pay attention to the affected areas to know the healing progress. It may need more or less than the general time given by dentists.

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